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Pirate Bay founders found guilty
Lawrence Latif at Friday 17th April filed under Internet
In what may not be a huge shock, the founders of The Pirate Bay have been found guilty of breaking copyright laws. The trial which has garnered mass media attention finished a while back with the verdict only coming today. The surprising aspect is the sentence dealt out to the four founders. Not only do they have to pay around £2.4 million in fines but have been handed one year jail sentences.

It is fairly clear that this sentence is set to be a deterrent to other sites, however the implications are much more than just a distance shockwave from what can only be called a seismic event in the P2P world. In many ways this has now set the precedent for record companies, film studios and software developers to take on such websites even in traditional "copyright unfriendly" lands such as Sweden.

The Pirate Bay Four are set to appeal their custodial terms and have already said they are not willing (and unable) to pay the fine. Most say that it is unlikely that the website will be shutdown though.