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Genius NB Stand 200 laptop cooler
Lawrence Latif at Thursday 3rd September filed under Hardware
A few weeks back after a relatively short conversation regarding my MacBook Pro overheating issues, I was presented with a Genius NB Stand 200 laptop cooler. This 20 quid cooler-cum-stand promises quiet cooling and in our month long tests we found it delivered just that with little else.


It's hard to beat up a product which sells for £20 too much but the single fan, while generally being quiet just doesn't cool all that much.  On my already toasty MacBook Pro, it failed to make a dent on the aluminium entombed AGA. The fan occasionally produced rattling sounds and although with the feet raised, produces an excellent angled typing position, it's a hard sell from a cooling perspective. Although the 15.4" MacBook Pro sat perfectly fine on the NB Stand 200, smaller laptops and netbooks would be much better suited to its relatively lackustre cool abilities.

The stand itself is quite thick, with the fan inset however there's no USB hub built in. Considering you lose a port on your notebook powering the fan, having a couple extra on the stand would be very welcome.

Genius has produced a laptop stand which is very comfortable to use but if you are looking for something to principally cool your laptop, other multi-fan units should be considered.