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Sony launch skinny stunner
Lawrence Latif at Thursday 8th October filed under Hardware
Sony took the wraps off their latest VAIO models today with the X Series headlining the event and rightly so. The all-day super thin-and-light showcases Sony's design skills combining what can only be described as extreme portability and minimalist design.

The X series only has two models, the entry level S1E and the top-of-the-very-short line Z1E. Both models are based around the updated Atom processor running at 1.86 and 2.0GHz respectively. Both models come with 2GB DDR2 and both have SSDs as standard, with 128Gb on offer in the S1E and 256Gb on the Z1E.



The 11.1" X-black LCD is LED backlit and is nothing short of excellent on a device of this kind. The screen has good contrast even in direct light. The thickness (or lack of) does mean that you can still twist the screen a good amount.

Where the X series really excels is its physical characteristics. The headline figure is a weight of only 0.78kg including the battery which Sony reports gives up to eight hours of life. Even the extended battery, which doubles that life expectancy and brings the total weight to just under 1.1kg. The X series isn't as thin as Apple's MacBook Air but at 13.9mm it really isn't going to add much of a bulge to your bag. It does however have more ports than the Air though you will have to flick out the hidden feet in order to gain full access to them. There are two USB sockets, VGA out and an RJ45 connector which has been modified, ingeniously, to fit in the thin dimensions of the X. Wireless connectivity is also good with the usual LAN and Bluetooth connectivity being present along with HSDPA support.

Both models will come with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit edition pre-installed (the X isn't going on sale before that is released) and during our 15 minute use of the 2GHz Z1E model it was very responsive and for general web browsing, email and word processing activities it should be perfectly adequate.

Sony did not mention pricing at this stage however a special edition of the Z1E in "tasteful" gold will be available through their online outlet with both models available on 22 October.