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Squeezebox Touch nears release
Lawrence Latif at Thursday 15th October filed under Hardware
The Squeezebox Touch made an impressive appearance at Logitech's Showcase 2009 event yesterday with the upcoming device nearing release.

This autumn has already seen the Squeezebox Radio being launched but it is undoubtedly the Touch which will launch Squeezebox into the high-end audio market. Featuring an interface that any iPhone/iPod Touch user will instantly recognise the Touch is aimed squarely at those who want to stream media to their Hi-Fi system rather than use the built in speakers on other Squeezebox devices.

There's no doubting that the interface is very slick with little lag, Squeezebox has also added a lot of connectivity to the Touch (which looks somewhat similar to the Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control). There's wireless and wired connectivity along with USB and SD card sockets to plug in memory drives and flash media respectively. The 4.3-inch screen is also high quality although the software still had a few minor bugs, on the whole it's something that shouldn't take their software engineers more than a few days to iron out, and certainly before the December/January launch date that Logitech were mooting at the event.

The Touch will see Squeezebox in the realm of Sonos but at a much lower price point. Multi-room capabilities stem from the ability to control Squeezeboxes (Touch or Radio) through their iPhone/iPod Touch application and web interfaces. Also the Squeezebox representative mentioned that a wall mount for the Touch will be made available soon after launch.

Squeezebox also announced a tie-in with Queen for the launch of their latest "greatest hits" album which will include, aside from the music itself, bonus material such as commentary from group members and artwork.

Prices are expected to be around the £260 mark when it launches in either late December or January. We'll post an update when we play around with a hopefully finished version at next year's CES.