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           Chieftec BX-03BL-BL-BL Case

Product :

  PC Case

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  £70.50 inc. VAT (Komplett)

Date :

  15th May 2004.


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Hard drive fitting doesn't come much easier than this. Simply remove a couple of drive rails and fit them on either side of your drive than slide it into place. I say "fit", but in actual fact the rails just push into place. The silver bits that look like screws are actually just knurled pins which push into the screw holes in the side of your hard drive. The rails are also slightly bowed so as to apply a little pressure to the sides of the drive as you slide it in.

I'd have liked to see the addition of thin rubber or foam washer on each of the pins to help isolate them and make for an extra-snug fit but so far it's worked perfectly well just as it is so I can't complain too much.

I would imagine that even in drives where the holes have been opened up by using wrong sized screws, there's still enough pressure from the rails to hold them securely place without vibration.

Drive Rail Tabs


The side panel fans fix using regular fan screws but the two rear fans come with the now familiar screwless fan cradles. This not only makes fitting quick and easy, it also means no obstructive cages or brackets to spoil airflow.

Rear Fan Cradles


The front USB, IEEE and audio connectors terminate with regular motherboard connectors. You'll either love or hate this idea depending on whether the regular connector fits your motherboard. I'm sure most enthusiasts would prefer the individual connectors which can be so off-putting for less experiences users so I guess there's no right or wrong here.

USB/IEEE1394/Audio Connectors


And last but by no means least, all the screws and motherboard stand-offs are supplied along with a couple of sets of keys and a ferrite ring.

Srews, Keys and Ferrite Ring



Colours Available


In Action



The 3DVelocity 'Dual Conclusions Concept' Explained: After discussing this concept with users as well as companies and vendors we work with, 3DVelocity have decided that where necessary we shall aim to introduce our 'Dual Conclusions Concept' to sum up our thoughts and impressions on the hardware we review. As the needs of the more experienced users and enthusiasts have increased, it has become more difficult to factor in all the aspects that such a user would find important, while also being fair to products that may lack these high end "bonus" capabilities but which still represent a very good buy for the more traditional and more prevalent mainstream user. The two catergories we've used are:

The Mainstream User ~ The mainstream user is likely to put price, stock performance, value for money, reliability and/or warranty terms ahead of the need for hardware that operates beyond its design specifications. The mainstream user may be a PC novice or may be an experienced user, however their needs are clearly very different to those of the enthusiast, in that they want to buy products that operate efficiently and reliably within their advertised parameters.

The Enthusiast ~ The enthusiast cares about all the things that the mainstream user cares about but is more likely to accept a weakness in one or more of these things in exchange for some measure of performance or functionality beyond its design brief. For example, a high priced motherboard may be tolerated in exchange for unusually high levels of overclocking ability or alternatively an unusually large heat sink with a very poor fixing mechanism may be considered acceptable if it offers significantly superior cooling in return.


The Mainstream User ~

Chieftech have a knack for turning out solid. easy to use cases and the BX-03 series is no exception. It's not as bomb-proof in its construction as some cases on the market but it kind of compensates for this in its ease of use.

There are a few niggles that need to be addressed, like for example the semi-redundant front air filter mesh or the very low placement of the front USB, audio and FireWire connectors, but they're more inconveniences than deal breakers. The lack of any kind of instructions is a minus for the inexperienced users but it's quite difficult to go wrong.

As a total package, the BX-03 is a slick, innovative case that will impress your peers without you ever needing to break out the tool box. Add an LED fan and a couple of UV or CCFL tubes and your mates will think you've been modding PCs for years.

The size is just about perfect for most users, the look is simple yet stylish for the most part and it's a pleasure to work with.




The Enthusiast ~

There's lots to like in the BX range of cases including room for six hard drives and lots of airflow, albeit unfiltered airflow for the most part. Some will moan at the lack of a removable motherboard tray but in a case this roomy I see it as a moot point.

With good looks, good rather than spectacular build quality and an element of mod-ability, this a great choice for the more experienced user. A blue LED always adds to the appeal (case makers take note) as does the easy-build nature and reasonable price tag.

120mm fans in cases should by now be the de-facto standard and I think Chieftec missed their chance to score big by adding one to this style of case.

Manufactured in 1mm steel the BX's are also heavy so you better bulk up if you plan lugging one around the LAN party scene.

All things considered though it's a great case with a lot of options and a lot of potential and all without breaking the bank. Another Chieftec winner!






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