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Mercury Elite Case - Grey

25th November 2004
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£24.66 + VAT


We've looked at a lot of high quality, high dollar cases of late, so it's acually quite refreshing to buck the trend a little and look at a case made with a more sensible budget in mind.

Mercury are a company who make no appologies for aiming their products primarily at the budget end of the market. I've no doubt they could put together a prestige range with prestige prices, they've certainly been in the game long enough, but if every company did that then who would be left to cater to the old couple who just need a basic PC to keep in touch with family? or the youngster working a Saturday job and building their first PC piece at a time? Or maybe even the regular user who quite simply has more pressing demands on their time and cash than owning PC that cost more to put together than they paid for the car?

When I first heard that we were to review the Mercury Elite, the first thing I did was go and look for a price. My first thoughts when I realised that it was selling for under £30 including the VAT and with a 400 watt passive PFC power supply fitted were that it must be one of the plainest, ugliest and least user-friendly case ever created. I mean lets face it, even a cheap-and-nasty 400watt power supply will cost you £30, and I've no doubt at all that a cheap-and-nasty power supply is pretty much what you get, but that still means the case comes for free!

Anyway, enough with the pre-judging, let's get the specs covered:


Manufacturer MERCURY
Bays 4 external 5" 5 internal 3" 1 external 3"
Expansion Slots 7
PSU Size 400
Power Type ATX
Dimensions 450x500x190mm (DxHxW)
  • Mercury Elite Grey Case,
  • Folded Edge for safety installation. No sharp edges,
  • Removable Side Panel,
  • Top Panel: Carrying Handle, Power Switch, Reset and LEDs
  • Front Panel I/O: USB, MIC and Headphone socket
  • Supplied with Thumb Screws, Power Lead, Back Vent System Fan.
  • 400W P/PFC PSU.
Web Address


Mercury Authorised Sales Outlets

Light Computer Systems Ltd
Park 2000
6 Millennium Drive
Off Westland Road
LS11 5BP
Tel: 0870 757 8800
Fax: 0870 757 8811

Ataman Trading Ltd
Unit 7
Central Business Centre
Great Central Way
NW10 0UR

SALES LINE: 020 8451 0088
FAX: 020 8451 0077

Microland Technology Plc

It's all fairly standard fayre, except maybe for the mention of a carrying handle. And does that say thumb-screws? On a £30 case?

More on that in a moment, time for a closer look.


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