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Jetart NP6900 Folding Notebook Cooler

Notebook Cooler
23rd August 2005
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It's perhaps not surprising to find that as notebooks have increased in speed and functionality while also reducing in price, more and more people are ditching their desktop computers and relying on notebooks as their primary system.

Even the cheapest notebooks now come with USB2.0 and at the least a DVDROM/CDRW combo drive. This, combined with ever increasing hard drive capacities, now over 100GB, and more exotic features like WiFi, high resolution screens, powerful accelerated graphics and much more, has all served to relegate them from poor relations to the desktop PC to viable and powerful computing platforms in their own right.

Of course some things will always be easier on a full sized PC, things like cooling for one. The more space you use cramming in features the more cooling you usually need. The unfortunate reality though is that the more you add, the less space you have for luxuries like cooling fans, and the less space is available for air to circulate anyway.

One solution is to get yourself a notebook cooler. These are usually just fan-equipped platforms onto which you sit you notebook allowing the fans to bathe the underside with cool air. How efficient these are depends a lot on the design of your particular notebook, but any extra cooling is preferable to none.

Today I'm looking at a notebook cooler from cooling officianados Jetart, but this one comes with a bit of a twist....or should that be a bit of a fold?

Before we take a look here's the obligatory specs:

Outline Dimensions

305.0 x 160.0 x 22.7 mm

USB 2.0
Card Reader

Support Media: CF, CFII, MD, SM, SD,MMC,


Switching Power Adapter / USB

Rated Voltage

DC 5 V

Rated Current

2.0 A

Power Consumption

10 W

Fan Speed
1800 ~ 2500 R. P. M.
Bearing Type
Ball Bearing
580 g

Switching Power Adapter : Input AC 100 ¡V 240 V
Output DC 5V 2.1A
USB Transmission Wire : 50 cm x 1 pc
USB Power Wire : 50 cm x 1 pc
Driver : CD Rom x 1 pc

  • Foldable Compact Design
  • USB 2.0 Hub
  • Multi-functional Card Reader
  • Switching Adapter Power / USB Power
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Ultra Silent Fan
  • Fancy Silver Faceplate
  • Hidden Bottom Supports
  • Double Storage Design



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