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HP Photosmart R507 Digital Camera

Digital Camera
10th December 2004
Manufacured By
Hewlett Packard
Supplied By
Hewlett Packard
£160.00 inc VAT


Anyone who has spent time with film cameras probably has a tendancy to favour names they know and trust from that arena. Whether it's optics or build quality, most professional and serious amateurs will tend to look to companies like Canon, Nikon, Minolta and Pentax for their digital needs.

Of course these companies do have excellent digital camera in their lineup, but unlike the SLR world there seem to be some excellent models reaching the market from companies you don't necassarily associate with having a particularly rich photographic history, if they have any photographic background at all.

To try to win over the more experienced users, many digital cameral companies who lack that photographic heritage are teaming up with more respected names to help market their products. While digital cameras are primarily electronic devices, and therefor it's reasonable to assume any competant company can develop one, it's the optics where most companies realise they may be considered lacking, and thus we're beginning to see a slew of digital cameras built around lenses from companies like Zeiss and Pentax to add a little prestige, even though in most cases the lenses are only designed by that company then built elsewhere.

Today I want to look at a camera from a company who have no real roots in traditional film photography, but who are making a concerted push into the digital imaging arena, supplementing their already expansive range of quality photo printers with a range of digital cameras to suit all pockets and all experience levels.

The model I'm looking at today is the PhotoSmart R507 and is very much a budget/mainstream camera. With a selling price pitched at around the £160 mark it's by no means the cheapest camera you can buy, even allowing for its 4 MegaPixel CCD, but does it have enough up its sleeve to earn its asking price?

Let's cover the specs before we move on:





Still pictures:

  • 4.23 MP (2408 x 1758) total pixel count

  • 4.05 MP (2320 x 1744) effective pixel count

Video clips:

  • 288 by 216 total pixel count


Diagonal 7.2 mm (1/2.5-inch, 4:3 format) CCD

Color depth

36 bit (12 bits by three colors)


Focal length:

  • Wide-5.8 mm

  • Telephoto-17.4 mm

  • 35 mm equivalent approximately 35 mm - 105 mm

F number:

  • Wide-f/2.6 to f/4.3

  • Telephoto-f/4.8 to f/7.6

Leans threads



Zooming optical viewfinder, 3x magnification without diopter adjust


3x optical, 7x digital zoom


TTL Auto Focus

Focus settings:

  • Normal (default)-auto focus range of 40 cm (16 inches) to infinity Yes distance Zoom External flash No

  • Macro-auto focus range of 18 cm to 50 cm (7 inches to 20 inches) at all zoom positions

  • Super Macro-6 cm to 25 cm (2.5 inches to 10 inches)

Focus settings: Normal Focus (default), Macro, Super Macro

Shutter speed

1/2000 to 16 seconds

Tripod mount


Built-in flash

Yes, 2.5-second typical recharge time

External flash


Flash settings

Flash Off, Auto Flash (default), Red-Eye, Flash On, Night

Image display

1.5-inch color active matrix,120,480 pixels (502 x 240


  • 32 MB internal flash memory, with approximately 27 MB for storage of images

  • Slot for memory card

  • This camera supports both Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) memory cards 8 MB and larger. Only MMC cards that have been verified compliant to the MultiMediaCard specification are supported. Compliant MMC memory cards have the MultiMediaCard logo on the card or package.

  • SD cards are recommended, as they are faster than MMC cards at reading and writing data.

  • This camera may support memory cards up to 2 GB, although HP has tested only cards up to 512 MB. Cards larger than 2 GB will not work correctly. A high capacity card itself does not affect camera performance, but a large number of files (over 300) does affect the time it takes for the camera to turn on.

  • The number of images that can be saved in memory depends on the Image Quality settings.

Image capture options

  • Still (default)

  • Self-Timer - still picture or video clip taken after 10-second delay

  • Self-Timer-two shots - still picture taken after 10-second delay, then a second picture taken about three seconds later. Single video taken after 10-second delay.

  • Burst-camera - three shots in a row as quickly as possibe until the buffer is full.

  • Video - 24 frames per second (includes audio), until the camera runs out of memory

Audio capture

  • Still pictures - maximum of 60 seconds can be recorded

  • Burst - audio capture not available

  • Video clips - audio is recorded automatically

Shooting modes

Auto (default), Action, Landscape, Portrait, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Aperture Priority, Panorama

Image quality settings

  • 4 MP ***

  • 4 MP ** (default)

  • 2 MP **

  • VGA **

  • Custom... Image Quality (Resolution and Compression) settings

Exposure compensation settings

Can be set manually from -3.0 to +3.0 EV (Exposure Value) in 1/3 EV increments.

White balance settings

Auto (default), Sun, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Manual

AE metering settings

Average, Center-Weighted (default), Spot

ISO speed settings

Auto (default),100, 200, 400

Adaptive lighting settings

Off (default), Low, High

Color settings

Full Color (default), Black & White, Sepia

Saturation settings

Low, Medium (default), High

Sharpness settings

Low, Medium (default), High

Date and Time Imprint settings

Off (default), Date Only, Date & Time

Playback magnification

Magnifies a still image to 130x on the image display

Compression format

  • JPEG (EXIF) for still images

  • MPEG1 for video clips


  • USB Mini-AB receptacle; allows USB (A to Mini-B) to a computer or USB (Mini-A to B) to certain printers (any HP Photosmart or Pictbridge compatible printers)

  • DC input 3.3 Vdc @ 2500 mA
  • HP Photosmart R-series dock

Orientation sensor



  • PTP transfer (15740)

  • MSDC transfer



  • DPOF 1.1

  • EXIF 2.2

  • DCF 1.0

  • PictBridge 1.0

  • USB 2.0


Typical power usage: 2.3 Watts (with image LCDon). 4 Watts maximum power usage.

Power sources include:

  • One rechargeable HP Photosmart R07 lithium ion battery for HP Photosmart R-series cameras (L1812A). Rechargeable battery can be recharged in the camera using the HP AC power adapter or optional HP Photosmart R-series dock.

  • HP AC power adapter (3.3 Vdc, 2500 mA, 8.25 W)

  • Optional HP Photosmart R-series dock

Recharging in camera with the HP AC power adapter or optional HP Photosmart R-series dock: average charge time four-six hours.

External body dimensions

Measurements with camera off and lens retracted: 87 mm (L) x 28 mm (W) x 57 mm (H) 3.4 inches (L) x 1.1 inches (W) x 2.2 inches (H)


132 grams (0.29 pounds) without battery

Temperature range

Operational: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F) at 15 to 85% relative humidity Storage: -30 to 65 C (-22 to 149 F) at 15 to 90% relative humidity


One year limited warranty backed by HP Customer Support


4 MP ***

11 images (2.4 MB each)

4 MP ** Default

22 images (1.2 MB each)

2 MP **

80 images (330 KB each)

VGA **

265 images (100 KB each)


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